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Stained Glass Window Restoration


A Rich History to Preserve and Treasure

In 1889 the newly constructed Visitation Church was blessed by Archbishop Feehan on the corner of Garfield and Peoria street. Over its rich and vibrant history the church and its magnificent architecture have been enjoyed by thousands of parishioners and visitors. The church’s beauty is brought to life by over 80 stunning stained glass windows. The meticulously handcrafted mosaic of colors and images tells the story of Jesus and brings grace and allure to this extraordinary space.


Decades of the relentless Chicago climate have compromised the integrity of this historical treasure. Many of the wood frames that form the backbone of the panes have begun to rot, and several of the steel rods that secure each piece of glass are damaged. In addition, the stained glass itself is warped and requires professional attention. Without immediate restoration the stained glass windows are at risk of permanent damage and deterioration. The rich history created and passed on by the first faith community of Visitation would be lost, and the recovery and reconstruction of new windows would be an unlikely endeavor.


Help us celebrate our faith just like the immigrants that founded our parish and raised the walls and windows that form our present day place of worship. Join us in stewarding our resources and preserving our temple of worship for the generations to come. Consider sponsoring a window today!  

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